Best Full-Body PEMF Mats Of 2022

The PEMF mat industry is always evolving to create innovative, higher-quality products. We make it our goal to stay on top of the latest and greatest and share them with you.

As new products hit the market, we update this list. 2022 was an incredible year for the industry, and we’ve compiled the best full-body PEMF mats available today for you right here.

5/5 Rating


PureWave PEMF Mat

The PureWave name is well-known in the field of Bioenergetics. The company’s products are always on the cutting edge of wellness devices for energy transfer throughout cells, tissues, and organs, so it’s no surprise that they’re top on our list of PEMF mats.

  • Full-size mat with a travel bag and small target pad
  • 3-year warranty
  • Customer portal for helpful tips and instructions on usage

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4.75/5 Rating


Vasindux Pro PEMT Mat

Vasinduz Pro line offers packages, rentals, mats, and attachments. Our favorite is the Vasindux Pro mat, which gives you control over 12 preset programs or custom settings, adjustable intensity and polarity, and a user-friendly setup.

The lightweight, portable full-size mat is ideal for home or on-the-go use. Worried about the learning curve? The simple instructions and downloadable user manual make understanding your options a breeze. Ring and chair mat attachments are available to enhance your PEMF treatment.

  • Available for sale or rental
  • Easy to use with quick-start shortcuts
  • Preset programs and customizable options

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Very Portable

4.25/5 Rating


OMI Full-Body PEMF Mat

Oxford Medical Instruments (OMI) Health Store’s most recent release is a competitive full-body PEMF mat. This advanced version replaces the previous mat, bringing in full functionality and more control over your settings.

With purchase, OMI offers a free OMI PEMF medallion — a $180 value. There are upgrade options if you have the original mat (and you can keep the old one). The company backs its product with a 30-day full satisfaction, full money-back guarantee.

  • Free products with purchase
  • Upgrade options available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

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4/5 Rating


HigherDOSE Infared PEMF Mat

HigherDOSE’s Infrared PEMF mat levels up your therapy by combining deeply penetrating heat with your pulsed magnetic waves. This 43-pound mat is designed to promote rest and relaxation as it regenerates your body at a cellular level. It includes 20 pounds of healing crystals layered inside the mat, producing negative ions when heated.

Optional accessories include mat covers, cleaners, and a blanket pad; everything you need to make owning and using your PEMF mat easy.

  • Free shipping
  • One-year warranty
  • PEMF, PU leather, infrared, charcoal, and crystal layers

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Highest Quality Full Body PEMF Mat: PureWave

PureWave Technologies, in our opinion, is the best full-body PEMF on the market today. Although not cheap, we’ve spent a great deal of time getting to know the team at their comapny, and learning exactly how much time and effort they put into improving their product.

PureWave’s unit ships standard with a control box, a full body mat, and a pillow applicator for spot treatments. The mat weighs only a couple of pounds, and is very comfortable to lay on for prolonged periods of time.

You have the option to choose between 3 modes (stability, tranquality, and vitality) each of which promote a different sensation in the body.

And, based on our own in-house testing (for which we use microscopes and our own blood samples) we can actually SEE a change at a microscopic level after just one treatment.

So, if you’re serious about PEMF therapy and are able to afford this product, we promise you won’t be sorry for making this investment.

Most Portable: Vasindux Pro

When it comes to bringing your PEMF mat with you on your travels, the Vasindux Pro is a top seller. The eight evenly distributed coils weigh in at slightly over five pounds, making it a cinch to carry your PEMF mat everywhere you go. Find a clean, flat surface, and enjoy the benefits of this incredible therapeutic device.

The mat measures 70×27 inches and is designed for flexibility. Use it wherever you go when you need to relieve your aches and discomfort or as it’s time for your next preventive session.

Pros of this PEMF machine include the affordability and portability, as well as the 37 preset programs making it simple to use. However, the frequency wave is mid-level, at 0.5 – 963 Hz. This is a solid frequency wave for an at-home mat, but some professional PEMF mats can max out at 33 Hz.

Best for Control: OMI

When control over the settings and frequency is important, the OMI PEMF mat has you covered. Users select the frequency, time, and program from preset options or build their own. Even better, the mat comes with a helpful list of frequencies that are recommended for various diseases and conditions.

The OMI mat is competitively priced in the PEMF field and offers advantages like warranties and upgrades that other brands don’t provide. For functionality and control, this mat is a guaranteed winner.

Pros include optimal control over your PEMF waves, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. As a con, this mat isn’t as flexibly designed as the Vasindux nor as easy to travel with, but at only eight pounds, it’s still portable.

Most Comfortable: HigherDOSE

Is your goal to relax on your PEMF mat and forget about all the cares in the world as you soak in the benefits of magnetic energy? If so, the HigherDOSE mat is for you.

Combining the healing powers of electromagnetic waves with deeply penetrating heat and healing crystals, this mat does it all. The negative ions from the crystals produce negative ions, which act as antioxidants to boost your immune system and reduce cell damage and signs of aging.

The mat is designed to improve your mood, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension. With consistent use, you’ll feel more energy, get better and more restful sleep, and feel overall recharged.

Pros of the HigherDOSE PEMF mat include the addition of healing crystals and heat for extra relaxation, along with accessories like a specially designed sauna blanket, mat cover, and mat cleaner. The biggest con with this mat is that the crystals make it heavy, weighing in at 43 pounds. If you plan on keeping your mat in one place, this isn’t an issue, but if you were hoping for a mat you could take with you wherever you go, look into the Vasindux or OMI.